“Worth weeks” Diaper Bag Organization

"Worth weeks" Diaper Bag Organization
Worth weeks Diaper Bag Organization

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Organizing and preparing for your baby’s need is a must! It keeps you from stressing, rushing, and panicking. So, here’s my tip for you on how to prepare your diaper bag.

Everyone is different when it comes to a family situation. My situation is that my husband and I work in the morning, so we had to hire a nanny for Zane. It is hard to trust a stranger who you’ve never met and known, but we were so blessed that God showed us and gave us the best nanny we could ever find.

By the way, the nanny doesn’t come to our house. We have to drop off our son in the morning at the nannies, and she also takes care of two other kids.

Zane was only four months old when we hired a nanny. I admit it; it was hard and sad. It was also tough to prepare all the things that our son needs at the nannies. We would get stressed out because we are always rushing things in the morning.

So, this is why I decided to be more organized. Here are my tips for you. 

1. Buy five storage bins and put all your baby’s clothes, diapers, bibs, swaddle blanket, and bottles. Hang the bins on the wall, so it will not take up your space and so it will look tidy and organized.

After doing so, you should have a total of five days worth of diaper bag. All you need to do is to put it in your baby’s diaper bag when it’s time for you to drop off your precious son/daughter at the nanny or grandmas.

If you noticed, I didn’t include Milk, Cereals, food, or wipes in my diaper bag; it’s because I give those to the nanny every month.

"Worth weeks" Diaper Bag Organization

“Worth Weeks” Diaper Bag Organization

2. Do a meal prep for that whole week so that it will be easier for you and the nanny. It is much healthier that way too. I use a baby bullet for meal prepping. OMG! I love my baby bullet, and the containers are too cute.

"Worth weeks" Diaper Bag Organization

Final Thoughts

If you have any struggles that you are going through right now, I would love to help. We can build a community where all moms can gather virtually to help one another and to motivate one another, so we can all be at our best.

Please drop a message below or email me at hello@letmommybe.com

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