Why Giving Your Child, an iPad Can Affect their Brain Development

Why Giving Your Child, an iPad Can Affect their Brain Development

Are you one of those moms/parents that don’t like to give their child an iPad/phone to play? Or are you one of those parents that do the opposite?

Well, whether you give your child an iPad or not, this does not define how right or wrong of a parent you are. It’s just that we all have a different type of parenting.

As for me, I choose not to give my child an iPad/phone to play with or to distract them with so they won’t bother you.

You cannot take the time back to spend time with your child again while they are small. Time flies! As for my husband and me, we always spend time playing and reading books to our son, or we like to take him out a lot. Children need more physical interaction to develop their brain skills.

I am writing this post because I want to share my thoughts on this topic and to make other parents aware of the danger of iPad, & smartphone at a young age.

effects of iPad on child's brain development

Effects of iPad/Screen Time on Brain Development of Your Child 

Here’s what researchers from American Academy of Pediatrics say about the effects of iPad on child brain’s development

#1 Psychological difficulties, Hyperactivity, Emotional Problems, Difficulties with peers, Negative attitude, Poor grades, and long-term academic failure

More than 2 hours of screen time can lead to psychological problems. These kids can get ADD/ADHD with too much screen time. NO physical interaction means they become egocentric towards other peers. It will affect their social skills.

#2 Obesity

Screen time is one of the risks factors for Childhood Obesity. Every hour that your child spends on an iPad, they consume an additional 167 Calories. They get increase energy and decrease nutrient intake and leads to fast food consumption. Fast foods don’t have nutrients in them and can only add to childhood obesity.

#3 Delayed language Acquisition

More screen time means your child will less likely engage in creative play which is the foundation of learning, constructive problem solving, and creativity. Also, it leads to less interaction with their parents. Your child needs to engage in activities primarily hands-on activity to develop their brain skills.

#4 It Affect Children’s Sleep

Screen time is linked to irregular sleep pattern and sleep disturbances from age 3-12. Children’s brain gets too stimulated even when they are resting/sleeping.

What you can do instead of offering your child screen time/iPad

~ Treat/take your kids out. We usually take our son to the park, mall, eat or we go to playgrounds. If you live in LA, we recommend this playground. You have to pay to enter and make sure you bring socks because there are no shoes allowed.

~ Arrange play dates with your kid’s cousins or your friend’s kids

~ Read them books and play with them. They learn more when you interact with them. My son loves it! He rather plays/cuddles with us than play his toys because he is so used to having that physical interaction.

Children Books/ Websites for Best Books I recommend:

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* A Child of Book

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* The Wonderful Things You Will Be 

Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever 

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We are all different, and I respect all parents out there. Whether you give your child screen time or not, this does not define you. Our child depends on us to make the right decisions for them.

I challenge you to have a “no screen time” with your child for a day! Leave a comment below what you think about this topic? And for all mama’s out there, I just have 1 question for you! What are some of the difficulties that you need help with?   

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  • I definitely agree with the content. I teach dance to children and teens and I can already see how technology has affected the social skills, mental focus, and level of physical activity. I don’t agree with having young children using so much technology, so I more than agree with the factors that could be affected as you explained.

  • I’m gulity of giving my kid an ipad but I limit it to certain times due to jealousy when I need to attend to his baby sister.. will give your challenge a go though! 🙂

    • It happens and you gotta do what you gotta do 🙂 This post is just a reminder but I know for sure we parents are not perfect and sometimes you just have to.


  • As an educator I totally get it. Plus I’m a mother as well. I also don’t give my child an iPad to play with. Maybe when she’s a little bit older she’ll get some time but I’d rather her be doing more active hands on activities!

    • My son is only 14months old. We don’t let him play with iPad or have screen time alone. If we do, we make sure we do it with them and teach them whatever we are watching.


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