How To Start A WordPress Blog on SiteGround

Start WordPress Blog SiteGround

How To Start A WordPress Blog on SiteGround

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In today’s lesson, I will show you how to start a WordPress blog on SiteGround like a pro.

Why Start A Blog?

The first reason why you need to start a blog is that you can work in a comfort of your own home or anywhere you want to be. You can be your own BOSS!

Second, you can help out and reach out to people who need your expertise, your knowledge about the things you experienced and went through. YOU! can guide and help people succeed and reach their goals.

Third, YOU! can make a lot of money doing what you love.

And, your lifestyle will change, the way you look at things will also change. It’s a stress relieving job/hobby, so that means, it’s good for your health. And, who wouldn’t want to have more time with families and friends and make money while doing it?

You can Start A WordPress Blog on SiteGround here and follow along.

Self-Host Blog vs Free-Host Blog

When I first started blogging, I was debating if I should even invest in it because I’m not going to lie, there’s always self-doubt. I was afraid that what if I fail.  BUT! I know I can, and I will make it there one day.

You can achieve anything as long as you put your 100% and this is why I did it! I created a self-host blog and set up my blog for success.

When self-hosting your blog, it means you own your blog and your content and everything you put into it. With free host blogs, you don’t own them. Like Tumblr, Blogspot, and Free WordPress blog. And this means that they can take your site down in a heartbeat for no reason.

With the self-host blog, it looks more professional because your domain name will not end with or You see the difference now?

Also, you can monetize your blog more with a self-host blog. You can work with brands that you love, you can do sponsored post, affiliate, ads, or you can create your own products and more. Usually, advertisers don’t work with FREE self-host blogs because like I said from the beginning, you don’t own your blog, and they can shut your site down without notice

Web Hosting

Why hosting your blog with SiteGround is the best choice?

In the past, I made horrible choices with hosting companies and wasted so much TIME AND MONEY. I tried at least three hosting companies before I found the right one.

I had an awful experience with other companies. One time, my site was shut down after a week because of a virus, and it was too expensive to get it back because you have to pay for their service to fix it.

How crazy is that? I had to pay $500 for their service! I was so mad because I already put so much effort, and time to build it and now I have to pay to get it back?

And, I’ve experienced bad customer service with the other companies. The people who work in their business has a terrible attitude, and they don’t know how to help you.

With SiteGround, I never had a problem at all.

SiteGround offers:

  • Extremely affordable
  • They can fix your problem ASAP
  • Friendly customer service

So, if you are excited and ready to start a WordPress blog, you can begin here and will guide you through it.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On SiteGround

Deciding on a blog niche

Choosing your niche can sometimes be a tough one because most bloggers would love to talk about everything. To narrow down your niche, you should ask yourself these three questions below.

  1. What is your expertise or what are the things you’re good at?
  2. What’s one thing about life that you can talk about forever on your blog?
  3. What do you really want to blog about?

TIP: Your niche should be something you really love. A niche that you apply on your daily life so you will never run out of topics to talk about.

Deciding on a blog name

My blog name before was mamalounj before I changed it to Let Mommy Be. What can you tell me about the name mamalounj? Do you know what it means? Can you spell it correctly when you hear the name? Is it easy to find when people are searching for topics? THE ANSWER IS NO!

I asked other bloggers about what they think about my blog name mamalounj. Most of them said that it sounds like I’m mama Lou from NJ. Haha. I wanted it to be Mama Lounge, but that name was taken already, so I just misspelled it without knowing that it will affect my branding and my niche because no one knows what it was.

So, when choosing a blog name

  1. It must be related to your blog niche
  2. Easy and simple to remember
  3. And easy to spell

TIP: Don’t ever, ever misspell your blog name and put a twist on it like for example. or Nobody will remember those type of domain name or even spell it right.

Now, here’s what you’re all been waiting for. CLICK HERE TO START A WORDPRESS BLOG WITH SITEGROUND AND GET 60% OFF.

Step By Step Guide on How to Start your own self-host blog

I recommend choosing the GrowBig plan. WHY? Because it DOUBLES  your web space, you can have MULTIPLE BLOGS that you can host in one account. That means you can buy multiple blog niche name under one hosting account. How awesome is that?

Especially, if you are a new blogger and still deciding on your niche, this is the perfect plan for you so can have multiple niches to play around first and see which one you’re sticking with. And guess what? It’s only $2 more! Plus with GrowBig, your site will load faster, and that just means better ranking on Google.

Awesomesauce eh?

How To Start A WordPress Blog on SiteGround


Next, choose to either register a new domain name or if you already have a domain name.

How To Start A WordPress Blog on SiteGround

And then, you can enter all your information and payment information. To get the best deal, choose the 12 months plan for only $71.40 to get multiple websites under one hosting plan and with premium features. Can’t beat that. I also, highly recommend getting the domain privacy to protect all your personal information. Now, you’re in business.

How To Start A WordPress Blog on SiteGround

Once everything is set, and you received a pop up saying you created your account successfully, you can then now create your username and password in the customer area so you can access your dashboard and CPanel in your SiteGround account.

Installing WordPress

Go to WordPress tools and click on WordPress installer. Then when you see the website wizard setup, click get WordPress pre-installed on this account if you are starting brand new. If you already have a site and you just want to transfer it to SiteGround, you can then choose transfer my existing website.

How to start a WordPress blog on SitGround

You can follow the instruction, or you can contact Customer Service by phone for faster response or submit a ticket requesting to have your website transferred. FREE of charge. When I moved mines, I called, and they pretty much took care of it right away and so I was able to work on my blog the same day. Cool eh?

Next, you can enter your login information, username and password for your WordPress application and choose a free theme for now. And then,  you can sign in, in the backend end of your blog by going to

Every time you want to access your site, you don’t have to open your SiteGround account. You can just go straight to your

WOOHOO!!! Congratulation! You just created a self-host WordPress blog on SiteGround. You are now part of the cool WordPress bloggers team. Haha, I’m kidding. Don’t mind me. There’s no such thing as cool WordPress bloggers team haha.

Things To Do Before Going Live & How To Set Up The Backend Of  Your Blog

#1 Choosing a theme

First, you need to choose a theme. I highly recommend picking a theme that is responsive (Mobile friendly version for your phone and tablet) Choose a theme where you know for sure offers customer support or themes that comes with video tutorials, so you don’t have to figure things out on your own

To get popular and mobile responsive themes, you can check out Envato Market. I use their SimpleMag theme by Themesindep. When you go to Envato Market site, type in Themesindep on the search bar, and you can purchase and download the simple mag theme to your computer and upload it to your WordPress site and activate it.

Next, install all the required plugins that they want you to install.

How to start a WordPress blog on SiteGround

They have a 5-star rating, and the theme is SEO Optimized for better Google ranking. You’ll also get six months FREE support.

Once you uploaded the theme to your WordPress site, click on the “Welcome to SimpleMag” tab and scroll down until you see support center and click on videos or knowledge base. It will take you to their site where you can learn how to use the theme with FREE step by step guide and videos. You have to log in to access it.

How to start a WordPress blog on SitGround

You can also check out these other very popular themes like StudioPress and Pretty Darn Cute Design.

#2 Downloading the most important plugin

Once you finished designing your site, download Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin will help you better optimize your posts so you can rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing.

After downloading the Yoast plugin, you’ll see a tab on the side of your WordPress, Click on SEO and dashboard. Now, enable the advanced setting pages.

And then, to set up the correct structure of your blog post URL, you need to change your permalink structure. Go to your WordPress dashboard, click on the settings and choose permalinks and click on post name and save.

#3 Add your site to Google Search Console

Go to google search console beta and sign in using your google account and click on add property and type in your website name and verify. It will give you options on how to verify your site.

The easiest way to verify your site is by using the Yoast plugin you just installed. To do this, click on the alternative method instead of the recommended method on your google search console. Now, only copy the code of the meta tag shown on your Google search console.

Go back to your Yoast SEO dashboard and click Webmaster Tools. Paste the code you copied on the Google search console and save changes. And then, go back to google search console and click on verify.

#4 Submit sitemaps to google

To submit sitemaps, go to your Yoast SEO and click on XML Sitemaps. Open your XML sitemaps and copy your sitemaps one at a time. You do not need to copy your website name.

Next, go back to google search console beta and click on sitemaps, add sitemaps, paste your sitemaps and submit. It will take a little while for google bots to crawl a site. So don’t be alarmed if you do not see your site on google yet.

#5 Create Google Analytics Account

Go to Google Analytics and create a free account. Next, Download the Monster Insight plugin on your WordPress. Click on configure your google analytics settings and authenticate your Google account. This way, you can now see your website traffic right on your WordPress, or you can download google analytics on your phone, so you can quickly check your traffic.

LASTLY, Creating A Good Content

Create at least 10 – 15 articles before you go live. This way there’s not just one blog post for your readers to read. Instead, they will come back to read the rest of your articles. Also, when you have 10 – 15 posts, once you go live, you can just focus on promoting them, and you won’t stress out on catching up writing post for your readers.

Also, make your posts sharable by downloading SUMO. The good thing about Sumo is it’s FREE.

Where do I promote my posts?

You can promote them on Pinterest, FB, IG, and Twitter. You can follow groups boards on FB and Pinterest so you can promote them on there. I use tailwind to schedule all my pins on my group boards, so I don’t have to waste time doing it manually. They are fantastic for increasing your blog traffic as well.

And… That’s it! You successfully created a WordPress Blog on SiteGround.

Don’t forget to check out my Tools and Recommendation Page to help you with your blogging journey. You can also download and click the image below to get a monthly FREE stock photo for your blog and social media.

Monthly Free Styled Stock Photos

PLUS exclusive members-only access to Blogging Tips and Printables to help you grow your blog


“For I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

Jeremiah 29:11 


I am very excited and happy that you are doing what you love and doing something to reach your goals in life. There will be times that you will want to give up because you don’t see results or you don’t have support from your husband, friends, or family.

I’m telling you this right now, when you feel like quitting, that’s when you should push harder and change things up. When you fail, you get to know yourself better, and you should take it with a positive attitude because this is the only way you can move forward.

When you change things up, you will have a different perspective on things, and this will motivate you to push harder. I always tell myself this, ” You always have to start from the bottom to reach the top” I hear stories about successful people who started with nothing and now they are very successful in life. The only common thing all successful people have is the attitude of not giving up.

So, if you learn something here today, I want you to share it with your friends and family and start helping others too.

I hope that this article “How to Start A WordPress Blog on SiteGround” Helped you start a new chapter of your life. And, tell me in the comments below what’s one step you did today that you are proud of?

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