Parenting Gadgets Worth Buying For Home and Baby

Parenting gadgets worth buying

Best parenting gadgets for home and baby

Parenting Gadgets Worth Buying

Buying things for your newborn and home can sometimes put you in an uncomfortable situation because you debate in your head if it’s even worth it to buy the things you need or want. In this article, I will share with you some parenting gadgets worth buying for your home and baby.

I say that these parenting gadgets are worth buying because they will last you for a long time and it will help you have a better and easier life. These products that I will mention are worth it because you will use them on a daily basis.

I find that Amazon has a better deal when buying baby and home gadgets because you’ll save shipping cost with Amazon. And, when you buy $25, and up on Amazon, you’ll get free shipping and if you have a Prime Account, you’ll also get two days Free Shipping.

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Parenting Gadgets Worth Buying For Home and Baby

#1 Yi home Camera

I love this camera a lot because it’s cheap and it’s a security surveillance camera. This camera is better than any baby monitor you can buy. I was surprised how this camera works so good. You get the bang for your buck. I even did a giveaway of this camera on my IG acct.

You can have up to four cameras set up in your house and monitor all camera through your phone using their app. You can see your loved ones or your home wherever you are. At the gym, work, out of town, you name it! Also, the Yi Home Camera has 2-way audio so you can easily communicate with your loved ones.

One Yi Home Camera cost about 40 bucks but, they have a package of four cameras for only $99. How crazy is that!

* Check it out here to learn more.parenting gadgets worth buying.

#2 Boon Highchair

We love our Boon Highchair because this high chair will last you for years until your baby is 4-5 years old and it looks good in the kitchen.

This Boon Flair Highchair can easily be moved from one place to another because it glides smoothly on floors. I love the aesthetic look, and I love how easy it is to clean it. No stains and smells.

Other features: 

  • Can hold up to 50lbs
  • You can change the seat cover and tray liner
  • Fits easily under tables
  • Five-point harness

* You can check it out here. Parenting gadgets worth buying for home and baby

#3 Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Baby Brezza saved our life. A friend of ours recommended it and we got it for our son as well. Gosh! I can’t tell you how many times my son wakes up in the middle of the night asking for milk and instead of making him milk and wait for the bottle to get warm, I just press this baby milk maker and BOOM! In just seconds, we got ourselves milk.

It’s like a coffee maker for your baby, but a milk version. Haha.

Other features:

  • Keeps Water Warm
  • No Mixing and No Measuring Needed
  • Fast and Easy Formula Preparation

* You can check it out here. 

Side NOTE: If you are looking for cute, comfy Moses Basket for your baby, then, check out they have the cutest baby Moses basket lists.

Parenting Gadgets worth buying for baby

#4 Skip Hop Diaper Bag

I have a total of three diaper bags. Yes! I’m a diaper bag hoarder. Haha. I’m kidding, but seriously though, the best diaper bag I’ve ever bought is the Skip Hop Diaper Backpack. It has a total of nine pockets, and the pockets are LARGE. It’s crazy how much you can put in this bag without making it look bulky. You can even use a ToteSavvy to organize your stuff.

Doesn’t this diaper bag look so pretty? I can use it for myself because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

We usually buy things that we know we can use for a long time and that’s what makes all of these products I mentioned worth it.

* You can check it out here.

Parenting Gadgets worth buying diaper bag

#5 MiaMily Baby Carrier

MiaMily Baby Carrier is by far the best one we’ve tried. It has nine carry position, and the design of it helps you with the babies weight to make it more comfortable. And this baby carrier has a large storage pocket. I love this carrier because it can carry up to 44 pounds or up to 4 years old! Yes! How awesome is that? So, this carrier will last for a long time.

*You can check it out at or on Amazon

Parenting gadgets worth buying baby carrier

#6 Pure Humidifier

Lastly, the one thing you’re going to need at home that is worth buying is a humidifier. A humidifier is good to have when you have a newborn or a baby who always gets sick. My son always gets sick, and his Doctor recommends for us to get a humidifier because when baby gets sick, they get congestive and it is hard for them to breathe.

Humidifiers will help moisturize the air and will help with congestion. Pure Humidifier can moisturize the air for up to 25 hours and with automatic shut-off.

*You can check it out here


Parenting gadgets worth buying humidifier


“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,  for his steadfast love endures forever!”

PSALM 107:1


I hope that you find this ” Parenting Gadgets Worth Buying ” article helpful. Before I invest in something a little expensive like these products, I always make sure I’ve done my research on them.

One thing I learned is that you get what you pay for. My husband always tells me this “Might as well buy the best one so it will last you for a long time and you don’t have to keep replacing it.”

How about you? What’s the most important thing you can’t live without since after having a baby?


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Parenting gadgets worth buying

Parenting Gadgets Worth Buying





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