One month old baby boy photoshoot

One Month Old Baby Photoshoot

Time flies, it felt like I just had him haha. He was 7lbs when he was born. Now, he is getting bigger and bigger. He gained weight so fast. Well, it’s all because of his mom’s golden milk. Anywho, I will be sharing with you all my son’s one-month-old photo shoot.


I want the best of everything for my family. We want to give our son the best we can and all the things that we never had or experienced. We want him to have a great childhood.

One of the things we want to do is a monthly photo shoot. For the first month, we had his first photo shoot at picture people. It can get very expensive if you do it every month. It’s like another bill added on your list for one whole year haha! But, there are other ways to DIY it! For now, here’s my baby boy’s photo shoot.

One month old baby boy photoshoot:

Yes! I know, he has a lot of rashes/pimples on his face. I use organic coconut oil for his face and body. After a day or two, his face was looking better. I should’ve used it before his photo shoot! Oh well, he’s still cute haha. So, there it is.

Advice And Tips On Your Baby’s First Photo Shoot

Why did I decide to do a photo shoot with my first born?

Why Did I? Well, first of all, I will never have another first born, so I wanted to have good memories to keep forever with these first time precious moments.

Second, I want my son to experience a life that I never had. I want him to look back in the future and see how blessed and loved he is. So, why not capture the moments right? They will never be that small again.

First-Time Experience

My experience was good but not great. Why? Sadly, I did not prepare for the photo shoot. I rushed into it and did not expect that I will be in the photos as well. Also, my son’s face has a lot of rashes on the day of his first baby photo shoot. So, It could’ve been better if I prepared for it.

My Advice On Your First Baby Photo Shoot

1. Because of my experience, the first advice I can give you is to not rush into it. Prepare at least a couple of weeks before you schedule your photo shoot. Make sure you know all the details and know what to expect with the photographer you choose.

2. Schedule the shoot on the right time when your baby is at his or her best. Ex. You can have your baby’s shoot around in the afternoon when he is sleeping and make sure you feed your baby before his photo shoot starts.

3. Don’t forget to bring pacifier. It will be your best friend trust! What you do is use it every time your son or your daughter cries in the middle of the photo shoot, then pull it out once the photographer is ready to take that beautiful shot.

4. If your son or your daughter has some skin rash especially on his/her face, use coconut oil and trust me after a day or two it will be perfectly flawless. I wish I had known it before my son had his first photo shoot.

Tips for working with professional photographer

  • Be on time. It’s very Important! You have one to two-hour shoot. Don’t waste it.
  • Ask your photographer if you can use your props on the shoot.
  • You will feel a little nervous in front of the camera but have fun and smile naturally. Photographers love that, and the shots will look so much better.
  • Learn how to follow directions and just relax.

Choosing the right Photographer

It can be costly but compare it with the cheaper one. See who can give you a longer photo shoot and who offers more clothing change and props. Sometimes, yeah it could be cheap, but you have limitations with time and props, so it is not worth it. Or it can be the other way around. You need to weigh it out.
And there’s a lot of good, quality photographers out there that won’t charge you an arm and a leg. You just need to do your research, and you will find an excellent photographer.

Do the photographer offer studio and outside photo shoot? It’s good to know what places they are willing to do a photo shoot for you and your baby. Some offer both studio and outside photo shoot. Make sure you’re comfortable with the location.

Final Thoughts

Take your time and do your research and look at reviews. Also, check out your photographer’s portfolio that you want to work with so you have an idea of how the photos will look like.

Learn from my mistakes. For me, I chose the studio inside the mall near me. The pricing was good, but they do not edit the photos as other professional photographer does. They only edit the light/brightness.

Only if I wasn’t too excited and only if I didn’t rush into it, then I would’ve had a better experience. But hey! At least now, I can apply these things on my next baby photo shoot.

Hope you guys like the photos as much as I do. Did you guys do a monthly photo shoot of your baby? Do you have any tips and advice you can share? Please feel free to share it down below.

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