Love Story Testimony

Love Story TestimonyOur Love Story Testimony!

Love Story Testimony? Yes! This love story is about how God was there for us from the beginning of our relationship. This story is about how God fixed our relationship and how he molded us to be a better person.

Out of Darkness into the Light: Love Story Testimony

There are a lot more to the story that I will be sharing with you guys. For now, I will only be sharing how we were before Christ and after we accepted Jesus in our lives and relationship.   

Our love life is pretty crazy. It all started at our ex-job. The first time I met Kevin, I never liked him. He did like me though when he first saw me. Sorry! I’m being conceited here haha. But yes! I didn’t like him because I thought he was ghetto and have a bad temper. He gets in trouble a lot. Me on the other hand, I get crazy dramatic and stupid when drunk and have an attitude problem. 

We dated for a year and we both seen each other’s bad side before we committed to a relationship. From enemies, acquaintance, friends, best friends, boyfriend and girlfriend and now husband and wife. We both settled because we believed that we are going to change.

Love story testimony

So, when we got together, were still pretty much doing bad with our attitude, temper, getting drunk, arguments, partying too much and more, you name it. It was not a healthy relationship because when we argue, we involve other people or even at a friends party.

Also, I crashed his family’s car and I was not allowed to be at his house, and he was not allowed at my house because my family doesn’t like him. We were in a bad situation.

For two years nothing has changed until we started going to church. I was born Catholic, but I was interested in joining a Christian church. With Kevin on the other hand, he never believed in God. He hated it when someone tells him about God.

And then, After a couple of months, he was loving on going to church, and he asked me to go to bible study too, so we did. He was pretty much in love with God. Well, we both are.

First church 

It was a great one, but there’s still no change within us. We were only good when we are at church, but after church and outside the church, we end up doing the same thing. And then, after a couple of months. We found another church.

Second church 

Is where all the big changes in our lives started happening. We got baptized at this church, got to know God more, and he showed us more of him and sometimes we messed up, but our relationship is so much bigger and better.

Here is the main list of things that God changed in our life

  1. Arguments – we don’t argue as much anymore, but if we do, we compromise.
  2. Partying – If we go out, we make sure that we come home early.
  3. Drinking – we don’t drink until we passed out or drunk. We drink just to unwind and talk.
  4. Temper/attitude – we think before we say something and realize that it is not worth it to be angry or have an attitude towards others.
  5. Lifestyle – we live a healthier life. God blessed us with all the things we need and want.
  6. Family – God fixed our relationship with our families. Kevin’s family has forgiven me and accepted me. My family also did the same for Kevin.
  7. Career – My husband found a work that he loves with consistent income. And for me, I finally got my nursing license.

Love Story Testimony

Things that God taught us:

  • Humbleness
  • Patience
  • How to give and bless other people
  • To love others
  • Respectfulness
  • He taught us how to be responsible and how to treat one another so on and so forth.  

God is amazing! Glory to the Lord. From where we at before to now? We wouldn’t be able to make it if it wasn’t for him. He gave us so much and blessed us even if we don’t even deserve it! That’s how good our God is. He healed us, gave us the things we wanted and blessed us a child. What a great journey. It is because of God that is why my husband and I are still together.

We do not regret the things that happened in the past because it made us who we are now. The past experiences that we had is a good lesson for our kids. We don’t want them to go through the bad things that we experienced.

Below are some of the photos of us from past to present

Final Thoughts

God is amazing! He works wonders, and he will be there for you no matter what, but you need to trust in him and have faith. There are so many miracles happening every day, but we don’t see it because we are too busy with our own lives and we forget that there is God.

So, I asked that you give God a chance and let him in. Do not complain that your life is hard, or you are not blessed enough. You have the power to change things because God gave us the authority over these bad things that are going on around us. All you have to do is have faith, and do something about it! Don’t just sit there and wait for things to happen.

” You are not disabled. The only thing that makes you disabled is the way you think.”

I hope you enjoyed reading my Love Story Testimony. If you guys have any love story to share, I would love to read them. 

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