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Best Pregnancy Announcement

When I woke up early in the morning, I took a pregnancy test. I had a feeling already that I was pregnant, just in denial, because we only tried conceiving one time. I was thinking, could I get pregnant that fast? Guess what? It was positive! Woohoo!! I was super duper happy and speechless. Out of my excitement, I had to tell someone before I go crazy haha. So, I told my co-worker right when I got to work.

I want to have the Best pregnancy announcement ever. So, the plan was to surprise my husband on his birthday 09/04/15. I had to keep the secret for two days. The plan we had for his birthday was to eat out. Before that, I had to lie to him and tell him that I will be doing overtime haha. I had to get the stuff I need to surprise him. Bought some balloons and put my pregnancy test in one of them. Ok, so the rule was for him to poke one balloon to claim his gift.


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5 Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas:

Best pregnancy announcement ever

1. The first idea would be the above video of my pregnancy announcement. You can use the idea of putting your pregnancy test in one of the balloons and have your husband/partner pop one.





Best pregnancy announcement ever


2. The most common one is giving your husband/partner a book. To change things up, why not bring him to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble? Tell him that you want to buy this book that you’ve been wanting to get which is the Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!” and right before you pay for it, show the book to him and be like “Actually, this book is perfect you” And watch his reaction.





Best pregnancy announcement ever



3. Are you celebrating something? Why not wrap your pregnancy test in a beautiful box with a ribbon on it and give it to him as a gift.



Best pregnancy announcement ever


4. I think this next one is fun. Bake a cake that says ” You’re going to be a daddy.” Once it’s finished baking, then you can say ” Hey, honey, the cake I’m baking is ready. Can you please take it out for me?” Record his reaction while he is getting the cake out of the oven.



Best pregnancy announcement ever5. Give your husband a t-shirt. Prepare his clothes for him after his shower to wear and wait for it.





Final Thoughts

First off, congrats soon to be mamas! Whatever it is you choose on how to break the news to your husband, I’m sure it will be fun, and he’ll sure be surprised. Enjoy your bundle of joy.

There you go, guys! I hope you loved all of these ideas and let me know which one you will be trying or which one is your favorite out of these five pregnancy announcement ideas.


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