4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

I know it is hard to push yourself and do something good and healthy for your body to gain that SEXY, HEALTHY Body you love. But hey, we must do what we have to do to achieve the goals we want right? In this post, I will share with you how I healthily lost my fat fast.

How I lost my Stubborn Fat Fast from 132lbs to 109lbs

Are you ready and excited to finally lose those stubborn fats?

4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

  FYI: Photos from 2015 to 2016. These pictures were before my husband, and I decided to have a baby.

4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

 Before and After having a baby!

1. Lose Stubborn Fat by Eating Healthy Food


OK…  You must be thinking right now, Uhm DUH! Everyone knows that. But, Hey! Sometimes you think it’s healthy but actually, it’s not. I used to eat out a lot and eat salads thinking oh, this is healthy because it’s a salad, but nope I was wrong.

I did a lot of research before I changed my lifestyle and this is how I reached my goal. Also, I added a lot of things in my diet like superfoods, tea, vitamins, and more.

Things to consider when choosing healthy food/lifestyle:

  1. Chose organic
  2. Chose Gluten Free when you can
  3. Chose NON-GMO
  4. Avoid Corn and Corn Syrup
  5. Avoid ” WHITE ”  Bread, Sugar, and Rice
  6. Avoid Soft Drinks
  7. Don’t stuff your plate! Eat portions only
  8. Eat your Veggies
  9. Avoid too many Starchy Carbs
  10. Avoid eating Fast Food
  11. Add superfoods and vitamin in your diet

4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

2. Start Juicing fruits and Veggies


I love juicing my fruits and vegetables. First of all, it detoxifies your body and burns those stubborn fats fast. You can replace your dinner with juice or do a juice fasting for a couple of days, and you will see improvements after two weeks of incorporating this into your diet. Trust me! Juicing is one of the reasons how I lost so much weight fast.


  • Please talk to your Doctor if it is ok for you to do a juice fasting. It is important to ask your Doctor first especially if you have any underlying disease and you are taking medications because sometimes greens can have a counter effect on the medications you are taking.
  • Try juicing for one day first, and if you survive it, then maybe you can push yourself for another day.
  • Warning: You will be grumpy on your first day juicing because your body and your mind are not used to it. Your mind will crave for those unhealthy, salty food you’ve been eating. But, after days of juicing and removing those bad food in your diet, your mind and your body will finally reject the bad stuff.

And so, here’s one of my favorite youtube channel that I follow for juicing recipe Fit Life TV.

4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

3. Do Cardio and Body Circuits  


Lifting weights will not make you lose fat; it will only bulk you up if you do it the wrong way. I was also in the wrong impression before that if I just go to the gym, run for 30 minutes and lift weights then I will lose weight. I was wrong again.

You have to make your body work hard and fast to lose those stubborn fats. You can reach this by doing body circuits. Once you reach your firmness and your weight goal, then you can start lifting weights to tone up and get the body shape you want.

Kettlebells are one of the best tools for body circuit workout and add some cardio which is running. Here are the two exercises that I love KettleBell Workout Routine, and 25 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

4. Motivate Yourself To Be Healthy


Lastly, you need motivation. You need that positivity to push yourself to do the things you don’t want to do.


  • Watch videos on youtube and follow influencers on Instagram that you love and look up to, like Alexa Jean Fitness and Fitness for all.
  • Create a vision board and look at it every day. Be positive! It’s a law of attraction. Think positive and positive things will come your way.
  • This last one is the most important one. Use the five-second rule! When you hesitate to do what you think you should be doing, count from 1 to 5 and decide to either do it or not do it. Within that five seconds, your mind gets activated, and it gives you only five freaking seconds to reject the bad thoughts.

So, for example, you want to go to the gym or eat healthily, but your evil thoughts are trying to get you and telling you just to start tomorrow. Right there and then you have five seconds to reject the bad thoughts. Count 1 to 5 and get up and tell yourself “I have authority over my body and everything around me” And just do it. If you keep on doing this, you will then create a new habit, and you will become the best of yourself.


4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast

Final Thoughts

So, you think you can do it? I am challenging every one of you to do something good for yourself. I love everything about health because honestly, without good health, you’ll never get to enjoy the things around you. So, there you go guys! I hope you enjoyed these 4 Amazing Healthy Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat Fast.

Please leave in the comments below if you have any questions. Let’s build an active virtual community where we can all support, help, and teach each other.

Or you can also email me: Hello@Letmommybe.com

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